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Science town Koltsovo

The official trading retail network "Science City Koltsovo: innovations for life"

There are dozens of companies in Koltsovo engaged in the production of unique medicines, diagnostic kits, natural high-performance cosmetics, healthy food, products for veterinary medicine, agriculture, and ecology. The basis of the scientific and production complex of Koltsovo science city has historically become the State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology "Vector", leading research in the field of virology, bacteriology, ecology, biosafety and biotechnology. "Vector" is an unique scientific center of world scale, leader in the most difficult areas of modern microbiology.

In 2017, in order to unite manufacturers of beauty and health products developed in the Siberian science city of Koltsovo, we launched an official trading network under the common brand name “Koltsovo Science City: Innovations for Life”.

Our stores are direct access from manufacturers to customers, we guarantee the authenticity of the goods and the possibility of the most prompt feedback, as well as professional advice from developers.

Innovation for life is a company that positions the official brand of the Koltsovo science city. The brand unites all manufacturers of innovative products for health and beauty, except for pharmacy drugs and laboratory diagnostics.

Scientific researches
Natural ingredients
Modern technologies
Quality control

The company presents:

  • Bioproducts - natural sources of useful substances
  • Probiotics for the health of microflora
  • Wound healing agents
  • Functional nutrition
  • Products based on live cultures of algae
  • Bio soap with physiological composition
  • Bath complexes: detox and nutrition
  • Massage products
  • Cosmetic care products
  • Hair growth restoration products
  • Sun protection and tanning products

Contact us at e-mail: i@izkoltsovo.ru, tel. +7 (383) 233-37-03
Address: Russian Federation, Novosibirsk region, Koltsovo, Tehnoparkovaya str. 1